Science Behind Ergonomics

Science Behind Ergonomics

Did you know that sitting can be hazardous to your health? From going to work, getting to work, going home, eating dinner, and watching TV all we do is sit. This is not good because the average person is spending anywhere from eight to ten hours (or more) sitting. However, there is a science to help combat this sitting epidemic and it is called ergonomics. According to an article, ergonomics is taking an environment or object and maximizing it in order to produce the best results for the person using it. From pens to desks and chairs to your office whatever you use frequently that can promote discomfort or fatigue will fit into this category. The four areas of your body that are at most risk from sitting are: legs, back, head and neck and hands. When your area is not properly set up with ergonomics in mind the following could affect you: headaches, back issues, eye stain, neck and should problems, low back and leg pain, arm and wrist pain, repetitive strain, and fatigue.

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