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Humans don’t actually match into this paradigm very nicely once you take a look at it at first glance, as a result of they appear … Read More

Positive and Negative Effects of Consuming Excess Protein

Positive and Negative Effects of Consuming Excess Protein


Proteins are derived from protos or proteius, which means “primarily” in Greek. The discovery of this chemical molecule was successfully introduced by Jöns Jakob Berzelius, a Swedish chemist in 1838. With these findings, it accurately concluded that protein is a core role in organ systems of living organisms including microorganisms. The components of the protein molecule itself contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorus in charge of restoring damaged muscle cell tissue.


Protein is often a delicious meal for human organs, especially when the muscles that require the molecule. Besides the protein serves as a second energy source after carbohydrates, it is also useful to regulate the balance of acid-base levels in the body. At the age of the child, proteins are helpful in forming growth in brain cell performance, but in adulthood protein acts as a builder and repair of damaged cells and muscle tissue.


Interesting question that deserves to be listened, whether the deficiency or excess consumption of protein can be bad for the body?


Of course the answer is less careful if both occur, the lack or excess obviously very detrimental to the body especially if the condition to the shortfall. Lack of protein will certainly have adverse effects on the body such as: hair loss, difficult bowel movements, brain performance slowdown, weakness, Kwasiorkor (hungry hunger) in children, nail growth slows down and the worst to a low heart rate.


Similarly on the contrary, if consuming excessive protein certainly … Read More